jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

FAMILY DIVERSITY : It´s all about love.

This project has been developed in the 2nd grade of Primary Education in Valdes Leal school ( Sevilla-Spain).
FAMILY  DIVERSITY : It´s all about  love
What makes  a  family?

This activity allows students to explore diverse configurations that form families.
For instance:
- one dad, one mun and child(ren).
- one dad and  child(ren).
- one mum and  child(ren).
- one dad, one daddy  and  child(ren).
- one mum, ane  mummy and  child(ren).
- extended families.
- children with  two families.
- (...)

- Teacher show some pictures with families. Students describe these families.
- Teacher explain how students can make a "family tree".
- In pairs or small group, students describe his/her family.
- Students make their "family trees".

Final task: An exhibition with the Family Trees.

Pictures of this project


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